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Discourse practices of video-oriented textual comments

Thomas Messerli and Miriam Locher have jointly edited and contributed to a special issue on “Discourse practices of video-oriented textual comments.”

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Schnupper-Summer School 2024: "Verstehen wir uns? Mehrsprachigkeit in Kultur, Literatur und Gesellschaft"

Du interesssiert dich für ein Studium am Departement Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften? An der Schnupper-Summer School kannst du am Workshop "Verstehen wir uns? Mehrsprachigkeit in Kultur, Literatur und Gesellschaft" teilnehmen und einen…

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Zeynep Köylü and Kristina Ehrsam participate in podcast roundtable «Women in Science»

On 26th February 2024, Zeynep Köylü and Kristina Ehrsam were guests in the podcast series of the European Network on International Student Mobility (ENIS), discussing the topic of 'Women in Science'. Together with the presenter and two…

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Andrew Shields and Master's student Rachael Moorthy interviewed on their Taylor Swift seminar

In their appearance on teleBasel they spoke about the contents of their co-taught course and why Ms Swift's song texts are worth while being critically analysed from a literary studies point of view.

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"Zwischen Pop und Poesie: Ein Einblick ins Taylor-Swift-Seminar"

Baseljetzt journalist Larissa Bucher, intrigued by the topic of Andrew Shields' and Master's student Rachael Moorthy's co-taught seminar on Taylor Swift, attended a course session and in a video challenged students to guess what quotes…