Doctoral students can apply and extend their research competence by conducting a PhD research project and by writing a corresponding doctoral dissertation within the framework of our Doctoral Programs in Linguistics or Literature.

The Hermann Paul School of Linguistics Basel-Freiburg

The Hermann Paul School of Linguistics Basel-Freiburg (HPSL Basel-Freiburg) is an interdisciplinary and international doctoral program in linguistics and offers best conditions for a cutting-edge doctoral education in modern linguistics and neighbouring disciplines. It is a cross-border graduate program that takes place in cooperation with the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg (Germany). The concept of the school was developed in close collaboration between the participating institutions and researchers, and builds on our experience with different formats of PhD programs that have received support from various funding agencies (e.g. DFG research training groups, SNF ProDoc). The HPSL promotes research in a variety of disciplines, and builds on the expertise of well-established researchers from both universities and their international networks. We acknowledge the different hiring and qualification policies in the fields involved and aim to teach to the best research, presentation and publication standards, ensuring that our PhD candidates and Postdocs have the qualifications they need for the job market. At the same time, we bridge the boundaries between subjects, methods, and traditions to create a vibrant atmosphere of true interdisciplinary exchange and inspiration.

Doctoral Program in Literary Studies

The interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Literary Studies focuses on modern-language literature and provides a broad frame of courses, scientific activities and professional training to selected, qualified PhD candidates engaged in individual projects related to general, comparative, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Slavic or Scandinavian literatures, from the middle ages to the present. Seminars, colloquia, retreats, workshops, guest lectures and various other activities offered by the literature departments at Basel enable the PhD candidates to strengthen their skills in advanced theory and methodology, regularly discuss their ideas with postdoctoral and senior researchers, and keep informed about ongoing team projects and funding opportunities. In a word, they are provided with an ideal, stimulating environment to complete their research projects and place them in larger contexts while profiting from the Program's thematic foci on literary history, literary and cultural theory, the relationships between literature and other arts and media, literature and space, literature and knowledge, as well as the uses of literary scholarship in the broader cultural field (literary publishing, editing, reviewing, and translation).