Current PhD Projects

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Research areas/keywords

Aerni, Anouk“And the rain won’t make any difference?”: A Farewell to Anthropocentrism in American Postbellum Prose from 1850-1970
Albrecht, MaxiThe Cultural Politics of Intelligences in 21st-Century Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian Survival Narrative

Bieri, Aline

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in the Swiss Context: The Linguistic Challenges and Implications of Teaching a Subject such as Biology in English

Research Database: Project 3572984

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), second and foreign language learning and teaching, second language acquisition (SLA), conversation analysis (CA), sociolinguistics

Blagojevic, Blanka

Europe East and West – Negotiations of a Blurry Borderline

SNF-Project: British Literary and Cultural Discourses of Europe

contemporary British travel writing, discourses of Europe, Eastern Europe in British literature and culture, Balkanism, cultural topographies

Burleigh, Peter

Photographic Spaces: An Investigation into Visuality, Space, and Representation

Research Database: Project 162253 photographs, photography, technologies and practioners, visuality, discourses of the visual, representations of space, spatial representations, spatial practice, Deleuze, Lefebvre, Batchen, Crary

Keller, Daniela

Literary Depictions of Germany in Contemporary British Fiction

Research Database: Project 2280347

contemporary British fiction, cultural topographies

Kraft, CorinContemporary American Literature and the Internet of Things

Küng, Melanie

Bordering Europe: The Cultural and Literary Production of the English Channel in the 20th and 21stCenturies 

Research Database: Project 2280353

SNF-Project: British Literary and Cultural Discourses of Europe

contemporary British fiction and travel writing, cultural topographies, memory studies, discourses of Europe, national identity

Mauruschat, Ania

Radiophonics, Noise and Understanding. Towards an Epistemology of Radio Art

Sound & radio studies, transnational & entangled media histories, literature & science, media archeology & digitization, avant-garde, modernism & post-modernism

Meier, Stefanie

Beyond Borders - Language and Migration of Philippine Nurses to Germany and Switzerland

Research Database: Project 3572983

political economy of language, language education and labor migration, border management, language and the international division of reproductive labor

critical sociolinguistics, ethnography of communication

Rapcsák, Balázs

Writing the Resounding Body: Technologies of the Aural in Samuel Beckett

SNF-Project: Beckett’s Media System: A Comparative Study in Multimediality

Beckett studies, media theory, media technologies, agency, multimediality

Reichel, A. Elisabeth

Sonic and Visual Others in the Poetry of Edward Sapir, Ruth Fulton Benedict, and Margaret Mead

SNF-Project: Of Cultural, Poetic, and Medial Alterity

alterity, media, intermediality, sound and visual studies, notions of immediacy

Thurnherr, Franziska

Relational Work and Identity Construction in Email Counseling

Research Database: Project 1087057

SNF-Project: Language and Health Online

relational work, identity construction, (mental) health discourse, therapeutic alliance, computer-mediated communication, discourse analysis, interpersonal pragmatics

Completed PhD Projects

Ph.D. candidate


Research areas/keywords

Askin, Ridvan

Narrative and Becoming: Differential Narratology

Research Database: Project 103858

Differential narratology, the transcendental and empirical

Bolander, Brook

On Power in Blogs

Research Database: Project 103880

computer-mediated communication, disagreement, power

Caci, UrsulaLocating Gender in Space: Emily Dickinson's Conception of Gender

Diederich, Catherine

Framing Sensory Adjectives: A Seminatic Analysis of Sensory Language

Research Database: Project 1167187

sensory language, frame semantics, corpus linguistics

Gottlieb, DerekCommon Nonsense: Community and Skepticism in Shakespearean Comedy

Hägler, Andreas

History, Critique, Utopia: Experimental Writing in the Context of Contemporary Anglophone Literature

Research Database: Project 103857

contemporary anglophone literature, experimental literature, aesthetic theory, Adorno

Hänggi, Christian

Thomas Pynchon’s Sonic Fictions

Research Database: Project 1454158

Thomas Pynchon, sound studies, noise, silence, music

Lüthi, Daniel

Space and Narrative in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novels

Research Database: Project 2280340

Space, narratology, Terry Pratchett

Messerli, Thomas

Repetition in Telecinematic Humour – How US American Sitcoms Employ Repetitive Patterns in the Construction of Multimodal Humour

Research Database: Project 1653180

telecinematic discourse, (linguistic) humour theories, sitcom humour, repetition and incongruity, (multimodal) discourse analysis

Moreillon, Olivier

Cities in Flux: Capetonian and Durbanite Literary Topographies

South Africa, post-apartheid literature, space and place, South African cities, (South) African urban studies, Mariam Akabor, Rozena Maart, Johan van Wyk, K. Sello Duiker, Bridget McNulty, Lauren Beukes

Osei-Bonsu, VictoriaRepresentations of the Other in Selected Works of Joseph ConradRepresentation and othering, postcolonial discourse and analysis
Quassdorf, Sixta"A little more than kin" – Quotations as a linguistic phenomenon. A study based on quotations from Shakespeare's HamletPhraseology, Quotation Studies, Shakespeare, Digital Humanities, Historical Linguistics, Pragmatics

Rudolf von Rohr, Marie-Thérèse

Persuation in Smoking Cessation Online

Research Database: Project 963000

SNF-Project: Language and Health Online

persuasion, relational work, identity construction, discourse analysis, computer-mediated communication