Scans and loan during our closing

During the closing of our Seminar library, we offer a scan service of chapters or articles or post-delivery of books. This service is exclusively for our students and only if books are not available at other libraries. The first 90 pages within 7 days are free. After this we charge CHF 5.- per 20 pages. Postage fee is CHF 5.-. The processing time may take 2-4 days.

To announce your needs, please get in touch with the librarian:

For scans, please mention your names, library account/legi, shelf mark, chapter/article title and pages to scan.

For postage, please mention your names, address, library account/legi, shelf mark.

This service is only available during the lock down of our library.

Distribution of the Library Stock

Use the guide Distribution to the Library Stock (PDF) to check a book’s exact location. This guide is also included in the folder Guide to the Library (PDF) which can be found in most library rooms.

Self-Service Checkout (‘Selbstausleihe’)

Books need to be checked out with your library or student card using the computers and bar code readers on the veranda (1st and 2nd floor of the English Seminar) or in our Nadelberg 4 library room. Check out library books using the self-service checkout (PDF) based on the University of Basel’s main library system.

Returning Books

Items may be placed in the grey book box on the first floor in the Department of English, right next to the HiWi office (room 16).


The loan regulations conform with the loan regulations of the Universitätsbibliothek Basel. The standard loan period for books is 28 days. This period is automatically extended twice if the book is not recalled by another user. The item can be extended manually three more times online in the user account, provided that there is no reservation. When receiving a reminder the user is asked to return the item in the following five days, otherwise borrowers will be charged an overdue fee.

Interlibrary Loans

Swiss libraries may request an interlibrary loan via the English seminar library providing that the item is exclusively available at our library. In this case, the individual user is asked to contact their home library. Books are sent via postal service and photocopies of journal articles may also be sent electronically.

Electronic Access

The UB's electronic resources can be accessed on-campus via eduroam (without VPN). Furthermore, electronic resources can be accessed from home via a VPN connection provided by the University of Basel.

Librarian Mario Piscazzi
Office 21c
Nadelberg 6
CH-4051 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 27 81
Fax: +41 61 207 27 80

Cooper Library

The Cooper library forms part of a bequest to the Department of English by Clare Benedict (1870–1961), a US-American patron and distant relative of James Fenimore Cooper, who lived in Switzerland from 1939 until her death.

The library comprises first and secondary literature, dictionaries, journals, festschrifts, almanacs, musical scores, libretti, theatre programmes, maps, postcards etc. Its contents does not form part of the Department’s library and cannot be found in the online catalogue. However, the original card index has now been made available as a searchable PDF document.

The Cooper library is not open to the public and its works cannot be borrowed but may be consulted in situ by prior arrangement with the secretary’s office.