Friday, 3rd May 2019

09:00REGISTRATION: Lecture Hall
09:30WELCOME:       Lecture Hall
10:00Keynote 1
Christine Berberich
Brexit and the Migrant Experience – a Personalised Account
Chair: Ina Habermann

1A: Writing Travel/Travel Writing

Room: Lecture Hall
Chair: Ina Habermann

1B: Writing Brexit: Ali Smith

Room: 11
Chair: Daniela Keller
11:30Jérémie Magnin
The Importance of Being ‘A.C.’: Visitors’ Books and National Ideology in the Swiss Alps
Merle Tönnies / Dennis Henneböhl
Negotiating Images of (Un-)Belonging and (Divided) Communities: Ali Smith’s ‘Seasonal Quartet’ as a Counter-Narrative to Brexit
12:00Anne-Claire Michoux
To have Brexit, one needs Britain: What one Romantic woman writer thought on the issue
Harald Pittel
Dreams, Death, Desire: Ali Smith’s ‘Coming-of-Age’ in the Age of Brexit
12:30Marijke Denger
Instrumentalising (In)Dependence: Empire, Nation and Identity in Nineteenth-Century British Travel Writing and the Pro-Brexit Campaign

2A: The BrexLit Phenomenon

Room: Lecture Hall
Chair: Melanie Küng

2B: Identity / Politics

Room: 11
Chair: Ina Habermann
15:00Sara Alessio
From Politics to Literature: Reading Brexit
Jenni Riihimäki
Analysis of the representation of the UK as a member of the EU in the debates of the British House of Commons from 1975 to 2011
15:30Victoria Allen
Long Road from Jarrow: Stuart Maconie’s writing as a contribution to cultural myths and memories in the context of Brexit-negotiating-Britain
Nora Wenzl
‘We might be a small island but we punch above our weight’ – National identities as constructed in British parliamentary debates about Brexit
16:00Michelle Witen
Alice in Brexitland and Other Tales: The Story of Brexit in Children's Literature
17:00Keynote 2
Shelley Fisher-Fishkin
Nostalgia for a Fictive Past: Nation and Identity in a Post-Trump, Post-Brexit World
Chair: Philipp Schweighauser



Saturday, 4th May 2019

09:00Keynote 3
Maurice Fitzpatrick
Fractured Identities: How Brexit is Unravelling an Agreed Ireland
Chair: Ina Habermann

3A: Native American Identities

Room: Lecture Hall
Chair: Michelle Witen

3B: Constructions of Otherness

Room: 11
Chair: Daniela Keller
10:30Sämi Ludwig
When Local Indians Negotiate with the Global Other: The First British Empire and the History of Changing ‘Fathers’ on the Great Lakes
Paola Giorgis
IN OTHER WORDS. How Words (re)Produce Otherness – and How such Construction can be Problematized
11:00Cécile Heim
‘(Non)Domestic (In)Dependent Nations’: Unsettling the U.S. Settler State in Linda Hogan’s Mean Spirit
Matthias D. Berger
2016 and All That: Medievalism and Exceptionalism in Brexit Britain
11:30SAUTE Annual General Meeting
14:30Keynote 4
Jo Angouri
‘We owe it to history’ – GR/BRexit discourses and beyond
Chair: Joelle Loew

4A: Nation and Film

Room: Lecture Hall
Chair: Michelle Witen

4B: Staging Englishness

Room: 11
Chair: Ina Habermann
15:30Barbara Straumann
Long Live the Queen!
Cinematic Representations of Queen Victoria as a National Icon Then and Now
Margaret Tudeau-Clayton
The Portrait of an Englishman in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice
16:00Ian Goode
The cultural topography of rural cinema-going in the post-war Highlands and Islands of Scotland

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