Written and Oral Exams

General comments

If you wish to take an exam with Prof. Locher, please read these instructions on our website and sign up for a consultation.

Please note that I will be on research leave in spring 2020. However, I am of course available for BA and MA exams. Please contact me on email and -- once I have confirmed  -- you can can get the signature on your application form from Andrea Wüst (office 27).

BA exam

If you wish to take your BA exam with Prof. Locher, please inform yourselves about the regulations on our website (pdf with exam topics and examiners) and use the following link to get access to some of the reading (Prof. Locher's topics only): Reading.


MA (2013) in English linguistics: oral exam 

  • You need to decide whether you want to be examined in "English Linguistics" or in "Anglophone Literary and Cultural Studies".
  • If you choose linguistics, you need to indicate two topics. NEW: When you come for the signature to sign up, you should already present the reading lists of the two topics, in other words, approach me early on with suggestions and/or sign up for a consultation.
  • Finding topics: The topic should not be identical with the title/scope of a course previously taken; in other words, the topic cannot be a general theme in linguistics (e.g. ‘the history of English’, ‘language and emotion’, etc. is too broad). Instead, you should find a particular research focus within your field of interest and find the latest publications on this focus in the linguistic databases. Usually you will complement literature on this focus with important publications on the theme. For example, your focus might be so novel that there are no monographs published yet. In this case, the two required monographs may be on the more general theme.
  • You need to submit a reading list of 10 texts (formatted according to the departmental style sheet) per topic. Two of these ten texts have to be monographs.
  • The topics and reading lists have to be approved by ML at the time of signing up for the exam.
  • Two weeks prior to the exam, you send ML a sheet of paper with 10 theses per topic. A thesis is a statement about the topic that can be discussed during the exam. The theses should demonstrate that you have thought about your topic and it should make links between your reading. This means that there shouldn't simply be one thesis per text.

MA 'Sprache und Kommunikation' oral exam 

  • You need to indicate two topics. The other two topics have to be prepared for another examinor in linguistics and should not be identical or from the same field as the topics examined within English linguistics.
  • For all other points, see the information on "MA (2013) in English linguistics" just above