Profile Dr. Dr. Christian Hänggi

Christian Hänggi studied Communication Sciences at the Universities of Lugano and Toronto (MSc. in Communication Sciences). He received his PhD in Media and Communication from the European Graduate School in 2007 (dissertation: Hospitality in the Age of Media Representation, also published in German as Gastfreundschaft im Zeitalter der medialen Repräsentation) and his PhD in Anglophone Literary and Cultural Studies from the University of Basel in 2017 (dissertation: Pynchon's Sonic Fiction). He teaches for the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland) and at Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok.

Christian is a research associate of the Department of English at the University of Basel and coordinator of the doctoral program in literary studies.

Functional Failures, Operative Fakes & Tenuous Techniques (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, 21–23 November 2017). Video lecture: "Vehicle-Ramming Attacks: First thoughts on the meeting of the accident of technology with the accident of ideology"

Machiner la poésie/Plotting Poetry (University of Basel, 5–7 October 2017). Scientific committee and paper: "The Pynchon Playlist: A Statistical Analysis"

International Pynchon Week (La Rochelle, 5–9 June 2017). Chair and paper: "The Pynchon Playlist: A Statistical Analysis"

EUCOR Conference (University of Basel, 7/8 April 2017. Chair and paper: "Pynchon’s Sonic Warfare"

SANAS 2014 Conference (University of Basel, 21–22 November 2014). Response (Author Meets Critics session): Response to Thomas Claviez’s “Transcending Transcendence, or: Transcendifferances: Limping toward a Radical Concept of Hospitality.”

Conference America and the Musical Unconscious (LMU München, 31. Mai–1. Juni 2014). Paper: "The Ukulele, the Harmonica, and the Kazoo: Pynchon’s Lessons in Music History."

EUCOR Conference (Universität Freiburg, Dezember 2013). Paper: "A Political Reading of a Musical Passage in Thomas Pynchon’s Mason & Dixon."

Interventions (Corner College, Zürich, 30–31 June 2013). Conference organization.

Interventions (Corner College, Zürich, 30–31 May 2013). Conference organization and paper: “When the Forms of Musick change, ’tis a Promise of civil Disorder”: Reading Thomas Pynchon through Jacques Attali.

EUCOR-Konferenz (Universität Basel, 7 Dec 2012). Paper: "Philip K. Dick’s Precarious Bodies."

Precarious Bodies Conference (Universität Zürich, 22–24 Nov 2012). Paper: "Philip K. Dick’s Precarious Bodies."

Interventions (Autonome Schule Zürich/Rote Fabrik, 28–30 July 2012). Conference organization and paper: "Anarchist Detonations in Thomas Pynchon’s Against the Day."

Interventions (Autonome Schule Zürich/Rote Fabrik, 28–30 May 2012). Conference organization and paper: "Kurt Vonnegut’s Epitaphs."

Tracing Mobility Symposium (Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 26 Nov 2011). Paper: "From digital self-fascination to a revaluation of the actual."

Global Fusion 2011: Power, Resistance, and the Media (Temple University, Philadelphia, 14–16 Oct 2011). Poster presentation: "Outdoor advertising: from ignorance to disobedience."

Interventions (Autonome Schule Zürich/Cabaret Voltaire, 30–31 July 2011). Conference organization and paper: "The Greatest Work of Art: Stockhausen and 9/11."

Several 2–4-hour contributions for Breitzeit broadcast on Radio Stadtfilter, e. g. Beat Generation & Bebop; The Psychedelic Beatles; Bruce Haack; David Bowie; Thomas Pynchon’s music; Interviews with the Dead (Kurt Vonnegut, Friedrich Nietzsche, Captain Beefheart). 2010–2016. 

Vehicle-Ramming Attacks: First thoughts on the meeting of the accident of technology with the accident of ideology. Screening and discussion. thefidget space, Philadelphia, 22 Nov 2017.

The Thomas Pynchon Songbook: Reading Literature from a Distance. With Tyler Burba (guitar, vocals). Whitebox Gallery, New York, 13 Nov 2016, and thefidget space, Philadelphia, 11 Nov 2016. 

5-Uhr-These: “Die Werbung globalisiert und kommerzialisiert unsere Weltbilder.” Public talk with Daniel Morgenthaler as part of the exhibition Weltbilder 6, Helmhaus Zürich. 16 Dec 2015.

17 Vignetten über die Befindlichkeit der politisch Rechten. Autonome Schule Zürich. 10 Nov 2015.

“Stammtisch” discussion about outdoor advertising (with Mathis Füssler). Schweizerischer Werkbund, Zürich, 31 Aug 2015.

Interview on outdoor advertising. HeuteMorgen. Swiss radio SRF 1. 9 July 2015.

Pynchon’s Harmonica: From Hitler’s Germany to Nixon’s America and beyond. Way beyond. With Tyler Burba (guitar, harmonica, vocals). Marlene Tavern & Wine Bar, Queens, NY. 26 Apr 2015. As well as thefidget space, Philadelphia, PA, 27 Apr 2015.

Pynchon’s Saxophone. The Bookshop, Phoenix, AZ. 21 Mar 2015.

Who Owns the Advertising Spaces? Kennesaw State University, GA. 04 Mar 2015.

Out-of-Home Advertising: Ethical Ramifications in Free Markets. Kennesaw State University, GA. 02 Mar 2015.

The Kazoo and the Saxophone: Pynchon’s Lessons in Organology. With Caleb Herron (kazoo) and Reese Burgan (saxophones). Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA. 27 Feb 2015.

“A-and wait’ll those kazoos come on!” – Pynchon’s Little Instrument of Resistance. With Peter Price (kazoo und electronics live mix). thefidget space, Philadelphia, PA. 13 Feb 2015.

Media. Advertising. Paranoia. Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures. November 2014.

Wem gehören die Plakatwände? Corner College, Zürich, 31 Oct 2013.

Philip K. Dick’s Paranoid Bodies. thefidget space, Philadelphia (3 Nov 2012).

Rollende Werbung. Discussion with Hugo Bigi, Matthias Ackeret and Andreas Uhl. TalkTäglich, Tele Züri, 21 Feb 2012.

Stockhausen at Ground Zero. 319 Scholes, Brooklyn (11 Oct 2011 with Tyler Burba, guitar), thefidget space, Philadelphia (12 Oct 2011 with Peter Price, electronics live mix), Corner College, Zürich (11 Apr 2012 with Hanspeter Frehner, flutes).

Book talk Resonance: Philosophy for Sonic Art. With author Peter Price. thefidget space, Philadelphia, 18 Oct 2011.

Book talk Gastfreundschaft im Zeitalter der medialen Repräsentation. With Corina Schaub und Pascal Steiner, Praliné, Radio Stadtfilter, 21 June 2011.

Für eine Politik der Affirmation. Autonome Schule Zürich, 9 Dec 2010.

Kunst, Werbung und die Nutzung des öffentlichen Raums. Corner College, Zürich, 18 Nov 2010.

Bildung im Zeichen der Gastfreundschaft. Autonome Schule Zürich, 19 Apr 2010.

Werbung, Demokratie und Gesellschaft. Talk with Stefanie Kägi about her M.A. thesis. Rote Fabrik, Zürich. 6 Apr 2010.

Book talk Gastfreundschaft im Zeitalter der medialen Repräsentation. With Gerald Raunig. Buchhandlung im Volkshaus, Zürich. 15 Feb 2010.

Die Ausweglosigkeiten der Gastfreundschaft: Philosophische Überlegungen zur Besetzung der Universität. Besetzte Universität Zürich. 19 Nov 2009.

Hospitality & advertising: an introduction. European Graduate School, Saas-Fee, June 2009.

Discussion about outdoor advertising. With Kristian Marti and Bela Gisin. Radio LoRa, 4 May 2007.

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz/University of Basel

Literature in English: Drama (spring term 2018)

Literature in English: Narrative (spring term 2018)

Introduction to English Literature (spring term 2017)

University of Basel

Introduction I: Literary Studies (fall term 2016)

Angelheaded Hipsters: The Beats and Bebop (fall term 2014)

Fantasies of Subversion: Media in Postmodern American Literature (fall term 2013)

Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok

Communication Theory (2017)

Radio News Reporting (2017)

Imaging Technology in Mass Communication (2014)

Radio Program Production (2014)

Seminar in Mass Communication (2013)

Radio Program Production (2013)

Introduction to Web Design (2011)

Introduction to Broadcasting (2011)

Broadcasting Criticism (2010)

Principles of Multimedia Journalism Writing (2010)

Analytical Writing for Mass Communication (2010)