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Early closure on 26th January

Please note that the Department of English will close at 12:00 h on Friday 26th January.

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Special issue on Language and Health appears in open access

Miriam Locher and Franziska Thurnherr have edited and published a special issue on “Language and health online: Typing yourself healthy!”

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Exam retake: 26 and 28 February 2018

Research methodology in linguistics Documentary Arts and Ethics

Alexa, Do I Understand You?

Steve Duman writes a post for the university’s science blog ‘Sci Five’ covering ongoing research by the Cognition, Language, and Interaction with Machines Research Group regarding interaction with virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa.

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Pynchon on Record, Vol. 4

Christian Hänggi publishes an exhaustive list of musicians, works of music, and record labels inspired by the work of Thomas Pynchon.

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Miriam A. Locher publishes handbook on Pragmatics of Fiction

Published with de Gruyter Mouton, this collection was co-edited with Prof. Andreas H. Jucker from the University of Zurich and features many chapters by international and local experts.

Prof. Dr. Franziska Gygax gives her valedictory lecture performance

She is joined by her son, the actor Jonas Gygax, for an exciting lecture performance on Gertrude Stein.
Pynchon birthday cake

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Pynchon!

On the occasion of the American writer Thomas Pynchon's 80th birthday, Christian Hänggi organized a celebration of his work at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich.