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New publication by Dr. Olena Dubenko

in the volume presenting a collection of papers from the conference "Translation Studies in Ukraine as an Integral Part of the European Context" held in Bratislava on May 12–13, 2022.

Dubenko, Olena (2023) A stylistic dimension of literary translation. In: Djovčoš, Martin – Perez, Emília - Kusá, Mária – Hostová, Ivana (eds.). Translation Studies in Ukraine as an Integral Part of the European Context. Bratislava: VEDA, Publishing House of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. pp.136-143. https://www.sav.sk/uploads/monography/66/317/fulltext/07131339Translation_Studies_in_Ukraine.pdf

The paper focuses on a mutually beneficial relationship between stylistics and literary translation, addressing the importance of studies in the stylistic aspects of literary translation, which, until recently, were not much discussed by translation scholars. It highlights innovative stylistic approaches to translation that foster artistically accurate interpretation of literary texts in foreign languages and cultures. A special emphasis is placed on the cognitive stylistic categories that are valuable in rendering the literariness of literary texts in translation, such as ‘mind style’, ‘cognitive state’. The article also discusses methodological implications provided by style-oriented translation studies for educating and training professional literary translators. Particularly, it deals with stylistically-aware reading/translation and translator’s stylistic choice as two major operational concepts linked to deciphering the conceptual content of the original and conveying it in translation.

The article is available open access.