18 May 2021
16:15  - 18:00

online Zoom lecture

Guest lecture / Talk

Gender and Ethnicity in US Documentary

Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Geiger (University of Essex)

This talk will address gender and ethnicity in US non-fiction film through the lens of new queer documentary of the 1980s and 1990s. New queer documentary is often invoked as part of the movement named by B. Ruby Rich in 1992 as ‘New Queer Cinema’ (commonly abbreviated to NQC). This lecture aims to rethink characterizations of new queer documentary as a kind of sub-genre of NQC, suggesting that queer nonfiction filmmaking evolved out of distinctive relations to the traditions of the documentary form and its commonly-held social functions. Rather than creating spectacle or entertainment, new queer documentary developed strategies for conveying intimate, immediate, embodied experiences of intersectional and marginal gendered and ethnic identities, which I consider here as part of what has been called a 'sensory turn' in practice and theory. Films discussed include Nitrate Kisses (Hammer, 1992), Tongues Untied (Riggs, 1989), and Paris is Burning (Livingston, 1990).

If you would like to listen to this guest lecture, please contact PD Dr. Christiane Schlote (christiane.schlote@clutterunibas.ch) to obtain the necessary Zoom link.

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