26 Oct 2023
14:15  - 15:45

Englisches Seminar, Grosser Hörsaal

PD Dr Julia Landmann

Guest lecture / Talk

Examining Lexical Borrowings in the History of English

Prof. Dr Olga Timofeeva (Universität Zürich)

This lecture offers a broad survey of borrowed lexis in the history of Old, Middle and Early Modern English. Drawing on data from a variety of donor languages (Latin, Welsh, Scandinavian, French) and on seminal research on historical language contact, it will outline the differences between situations of language maintenance and language shift, as well as the impact of schooling and societal bilingualism on lexical borrowing. A number of case studies will focus on the lexical domains of administration and religion, and their analysis will attempt to reconstruct what of kind social actors and social networks could initiate and promote lexical change in the history of English.

If you would like to obtain more information on this guest lecture or attend the talk, please contact Dr. Julia Landmann

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