Publications before 2017

Following publications by staff members of the Department of English were published before the migration to the new website in 2017.



Askin, Ridvan: Narrative and Becoming, Edinburgh 2016. edocURL
Dayter, Daria: Discursive self in microblogging : speech acts, stories and self-praise, Amsterdam 2016. edocURL
Quassdorf, Sixta: "A little more than kin" - Quotations as a linguistic phenomenon : a study based on quotations from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Freiburg 2016. edoc (Open Access)URL
Schweighauser, Philipp: Beautiful Deceptions. European Aesthetics, the Early American Novel, and Illusionist Art, Charlottesville 2016. edoc

As Editors

Behrens, Heike; Pfänder, Stefan (Hg.): Experience Counts : Frequency Effects in Language, Berlin 2016. edoc
Dayter, Daria; Mühleisen, Susanne (Hg.): Personal Narrative Online, online 2016. URL
Habermann, Ina; Keller, Daniela (Hg.): English Topographies in Literature and Culture. Space, Place, and Identity, Leiden 2016. edocURL
Habermann, Ina; Witen, Michelle  (Hg.): Shakespeare and Space. Theatrical Explorations of the Spatial Paradigm, London 2016. edoc

Journal Articles

Berger, Manuel; Jucker, Andreas H.; Locher, Miriam A.: Interaction and space in the virtual world of Second Life, in: Journal of Pragmatics , 2016, S. 83-100.
Dayter, Daria; Rüdiger, Sofia: Reporting from the Field: The Narrative Reconstruction of Experience in Pick-up Artist Online Communities, in: Open Linguistics , 2016, H. 1, S. 337-351. edoc (Open Access)
Gygax, Franziska: Zu Ende erzählen: Leben und Sterben im Text, in: Hermeneutische Blätter , 2016, H. 2, S. 25-32.
Messerli, Thomas C.: Extradiegetic and character laughter as markers of humorous intentions in the sitcom "2 Broke Girls", in: Journal of Pragmatics , 2016, S. 79-92.
Schweighauser, Philipp: Some Reflections on the Place of Aesthetics and Politics in American Studies, in: RANAM , 2016, S. 43-53.
Thurnherr, Franziska; Rudolf von Rohr, Marie-Thérèse; Locher, Miriam A.: The functions of narrative passages in three written online health contexts, in: Open Linguistics , 2016, H. 1, S. 450-470. edoc (Open Access)

Articles in Collections

Habermann, Ina; Keller, Daniela: English Topographies: Introduction, in: Habermann, Ina; Keller, Daniela (Hg.): English Topographies in Literature and Culture. Space, Place, and Identity, Leiden 2016, S. 1-13. edoc
Hohl Trillini, Regula: Dreadful Insanity: Jane Austen and Musical Performance, in: Delia Gwendolen Da Sousa Correa (Hg.): Edinburgh Companion to Word and Music Studies, Edinburgh 2016, S. 0-0.
Mauruschat, Ania: An die, die dies hören: Ein Hinweis auf den Ohr-Mundverbund, den Ohr- Ohrverbund, den Ohr-Hirnverbund, in: Ullrich, Wolfgang; Wiesing, Lambert (Hg.): Grosse Sätze machen. Über Bazon Brock, Paderborn 2016, S. 85-94. edoc
Pfänder, Stefan; Behrens, Heike: Experience counts. An introduction to frequency effects in language, in: Behrens, Heike; Stefan, Pfänder (Hg.): Experience Counts: Frequency Effects in Language, Berlin 2016, S. 1-20. edocURL
Schweighauser, Philipp: The Early American Novel and Sentimentalism, in: Straub, Julia (Hg.): Handbook of Transatlantic North American Studies, Tübingen 2016, S. 213-233. edoc
Witen, Michelle: 'A Musical Pattern of Sound': Absolute Music and Four Quartets, in: Dickey, Frances; Morgenstern, John D. (Hg.): The Edinburgh Companion to T. S. Eliot and the Arts, Edinburgh 2016, S. 179-188. edoc

Encyclopedia Articles

Reichel, A. Elisabeth: Art. "Vijay Seshadri: 3 Sections", in: Kindlers Literatur Lexikon online, Stuttgart 2016. edocURL
Reichel, A. Elisabeth: Art. "Vijay Seshadri", in: Kindlers Literatur Lexikon online, Stuttgart 2016. edoc

Book reviews

Dayter, Daria: Review of Fantinuoli, Claudio, Zanettin, Federico, eds. New directions in corpus-based translation studies, 2015, Language Science Press, in: Linguist List , 2016, S. 00. URL
Dayter, Daria; Mühleisen, Susanne: Editorial: Telling Stories about Self in Digital Contexts: Same, Same, but Different? in: Open Linguistics , 2016, H. 1, S. 572-576. URL
Mauruschat, Ania: [Rezension von] Solveig Ottmann: Im Anfang war das Experiment. Das Weimarer Radio bei Hans Flesch und Ernst Schoen, Berlin (Kadmos) 2013, in: Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft , 2016, S. online. edocURL
Mauruschat, Ania: "QuellCodes". Räume, Quellen und Formatierung aktueller Rundfunkgeschichtsforschung, in: H-Soz-Kult , 2016, S. Online. edocURL

Daily Press

Mauruschat, Ania: Wir und sie und alle die wir kennen. Die kalifornische Konzeptkünstlerin Miranda July im Portrait, 04.03.2016.

Unpublished Lectures, Talks, and Presentations

Locher, Miriam; Luginbühl, Martin: Meta-discussions on Swiss politeness in German speaking online newspaper commentaries. Paper presented at the LIAR - Linguistic Impoliteness and Rudeness Conference, University of Manchester, UK, 2016.
Burleigh, Peter: Let them eat pies, 2016. URL
Locher, Miriam: Language and Health Online: Welcome and opening. Paper presented at the Language and Health Online: Typing yourself healthy, University of Basel, Switzerland, 2016.
Locher, Miriam; Thurnherr, Franziska: Language and Health Online: Trust, credibility, information- and advice-giving. Paper presented at the Language and Health Online: Typing yourself healthy, University of Basel, Switzerland, 2016.
Locher, Miriam: Interpersonal Pragmatics and Advice in E-Health Contexts. Paper presented at the Research School for Methods in Empirical Pragmatics, University of Bonn, Germany, 2016.
Locher, Miriam: Interpersonal pragmatics - Beziehungsarbeit - (Un)Höflichkeit: Synergien und neue Fragen. Paper presented at the Sprachliche Höflichkeit: Historische, aktuelle und künftige Perspektiven, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany, 2016.
Locher, Miriam: A mixed methodology approach for studying interpersonal pragmatics in computer-mediated health practices. Paper presented at the Connecting the Dots in a Glocalized World 3rd International Conference on Language, Linguistics, Literature and Translation, Sultan Qaboos University, Muskat, Oman, 2016.
Keller, Daniela: "Staging 'Frenemy' Territory: Germany and Physics in Recent British Fiction", 2016. URL