Profile Dr. Steve Duman

Dr. Steve Duman is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Instructor in the English Department at the University of Basel. He holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics and Cognitive Science from the University of Colorado Boulder, an M.A. in English Linguistics from the University of Berne, and a B.A. in Rhetoric & Media Studies from Willamette University.

Steve’s research interests center on language, thought, and technology, specifically with regard to interaction with voice user interfaces, the gamification of language, and conceptualizing the future. He is in the Cognition, Language, and Interaction with Machines Research Group, a group composed of international researchers centered at the University of Basel.

In 2014, he was Co-Principal Investigator of a $150,000 Small Business Innovation Research Grant from the National Science Foundation. The grant was used to found the company Inherent Games, LLC and publish the first-ever app to teach foreign language concepts through physical gesture on the App Store. Other notable publications have appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as Multilingua and Colorado Research in Linguistics.

Steve is also an acclaimed instructor: at CU Boulder, he received the department-nominated GPTI Teaching Excellence Award as well as the student-nominated ASSETT Outstanding Teacher in Use of Technology Award.

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