7 & 11 October: Radio Features on Pynchon and Music

Two upcoming radio programs will celebrate music in Pynchon's work, taking their cues from Christian Hänggi's book Pynchon's Sound of Music and NYC band Visit's album"Now everybody—" Visit Interprets Songs by Thomas Pynchon.

Swiss radio SRF 2 Kultur interviewed Christian about his book and what it meant to produce an album with songs based the lyrics sprinkled throughout Pynchon's novels. Bavarian radio Bayern 2 spoke to both Christian and Tyler Burba, Visit's musical mastermind, about the creative choices and how it all came about.

Both radio stations will dedicate a 15-minute segment to the topic in their respective programs.

SRF 2 Kultur, Kontext: Wednesday, 7 October, c. 18:00–19:00. Link

Bayern 2, Kulturjournal: Sunday, 11 October, c. 18:00–19:30. Link. Link